CV 2013 - Melanie Bonajo



CV 2013 - Melanie Bonajo
CV 2013
11-03-13 12:56
Curriculum Vitea Melanie Bonajo
Gerrit Rietveld Academy 1998-2002
School of Visual Arts, New York City, 2000
Master course in Religious Science. Hermetica; Mysticism and Western Esotericism. Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL, 2006-2007
2009-2010 Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten / Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Amsterdam.
2011 Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE
2011 New Zero Art Space, Yangon, Myanmar
2009 FKK Resort, Ada Bojana, ME
2007 The Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Warszawa, PL, supported by Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL
Longlist Prix de Rome
Nominated for MKaward
Nominated for C.o.C.a.
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Peter Paul Peterich Fonds
Festival Internationale de la Mode et Photographie, Hyères, FR
Veenman Publishers/HUP Gallery, 'PUP Award 2007', for 'Modern Life of the Soul'
Berlinale Talent Campus, Berlin, DE
Aemstelle, NL, 'Encouraging Young Artist Award'
NL, 'Shell Young Artist Award', nomination
2014 Volkerschau Book (Capricious publishing)
2014 Indigenous Suburban Love (Genital International)
2014 Our Future as Apes
2012 One Room, Nine Possible Answers, Three Rooms
2009 Volkerschau zine( Capricious publishing)
2009 Furniture Bondage ( Kodoijpress )
2009 Bush Compulsion, A Primitive Breakthrough in the Mind ( Museumpaper )
2009 I Have A Room With Everything ( Capricious publishing )
2007 Modern Life Of The Soul ( Artist Book )
2013 Inua - ZaZaZoZo ( Tsunami Addiction )
2013 PPow Gallery, NYC
2011 ****** 86 details of Paradise, Outline, Amsterdam
2009 Captive Lives Western Spectacle, Capricious Gallery, NYC
2009 As Thrown Down From Heaven, Picklington Olsoff Fine Arts, New York City,
2008 Mediummatic, Mediamatic, 5 days performances/ installation/ happening, ( with k.k. )
2008 The Power of Negative Thinking, Mediamatic, ( with K.K. )
2008 Modern LIfe Of The Soul, Fette-gallery, Los Angeles
2007 The Culture That Doesn’t Excist, Playstation, Fons Welters, Amsterdam,
2007 Are All Clichés True ?, Modern Art Museum, Lublijanja, Slovenia
2007 The Colour Of The North, Explosions of Colours 01, Stadsdeel kantoor Amsterdam-noord
2006 Double Solo Show, Amsterdam's Centrum voor Fotografie,
2002 Readymades Not Ready, Artspace, Amsterdam,
2001 Everything Versus Nothing, Compressie-ruimte, Amsterdam
2013 Erogonous zone, ffffff, Berlin
2013 Quickscan, St Petersburg
2013 Female Power, Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem
2012 Who told you so, Onomatopee, Eindhoven
2012 The Future that was (and Is) smart project space, Amsterdam
2012 '20111111111'LEAP Berlin
2012 Miami Basel with PPow gallery
2012 "Present Forever", Amsterdam
2012 "Bethanien Open Studio" Berlin
2012 'The Island Show', Fat Form, Amsterdam
2012 " Now I lay me Down to Eat, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim
2012 " Topsy Turvy" De Appel Arts Center, Amsterdam
2011 Whats Next, Skor, Tot Zover, Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam
2011 Open studio, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien
2011 Still/ Life FOAM, Amsterdam
2011 The Second Act, de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
2011 Romantic Contruct, Prague Biennial, Prague
2011 Paradise Lost Paradise, Kortrijk
2011 Diversion, Moving-Image Artfair, NYC
2011 Chain Letter, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angelos
2010 QUICKSCAN NL – New Photography from the Netherlands, Dutch Cultural Centre, Shanghai
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CV 2013
11-03-13 12:56
2010《荷兰掠影》邀请函, New Photography from the Netherlands, Dutch Culture Centre, Shanghai
2010 End Note, Tanya Leighton and Archive Kabinett, Berlin
2010 Cinematic Bodies, Zolla Lieberman Gallery, Chicago
2010 Let The Nouns Fool Around, Peter Fingesten Gallery
2010 Private Confessions, The Cello Factory, London
2010 Humananimal, Porthsmouth Museum of Art, Porthsmouth
2010 Object-Orientation: Bodies and/as Things, Cerittos College Art Gallery,LA
2010 Diversion, ArtLA Contemporary, Los Angelos
2010 Do We Need More Art ? Zazazozo Gallery, Berlin
2010 Soft & Hard: Celebrating the Humorous in Contemporary Video Art by Women,
Youngprojectsgallery, Los Angelos
2010 Seven, Miami Artfair, Miami
2010 Rijksakademie Open studio's, Amsterdam
2010 The Pseudonym show, Brooklyn, NYC
2010 Het Onweerstaanbare Verlangen, Nouvelles Images, Den Haag
2010 The Woods that see and hear, Dertien Hectare, Den Bosch.
2009 Too Much of Everything,Y3K, Melbourne
2009 Rijksakademie Open studio's, Amsterdam
2009 Calvin Me, CBK Dordrecht
2009 "Thank You for Hurting Me, I really Needed it," Gemeentelijke aankopen, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
2009 Bush Compulsion, A Primitive Breakthrough in the Mind, Hyeres festival Villa Noilles, Hyeres
2009 Rebelle, Art and Feminism 1969-2009, Museum voor moderne kunst Arhnem, Arnhem
2009 Tenderloveandcare, Galleri Box, Gothenborg
2009 Pulse Contemporary Artshow, NYC
2009 Performance Death and Self-representation on the Internet,
2009 Kinder Zoo, Programm, Berlin
2009 Ik Rip, Mediamatic, Amsterdam
2009 Kinder Zoo, Mad Vick Tea Gallery, Paris
2008 Disguised, Rotwandt galerie, zurich
2008 Raus, Gallery Bongout, Berlin
2008 Folk Fusion, Sequence of performances, If I can't dance,I don't want to be part of your revolution,
2008 Polaroid, Bongout showroom, Belin
2008 "Exoten" Beelden op de Berg, Arboretum 2008, Wageningen ( with k.k.)
2008 Barcelona Art fair, in courtesy of Fette gallery NYC
2008 Chicago Artfair, chicago in courtesy of Ppow gallery NYC
2008 "Facelift", Bipolart,Capla Kesting Fine Art, New York City,
2008 Nobody is Famous in New York, Capricious / Famous expo, New York City
2008 "Spacing Out", Cinders gallery,Williamsburg, Brooklyn,
2008 Art Fair Brussls, Rotwand Gallery
2008 Disguised, Rotwandt galerie, Zurich
2008 (Untitled) u = ____ [a photographic group show], Fette-gallery, Los Angelos
2007 Miami Art Fair, Fette gallery, Miami, 2007
2007 Are All Cliche's True, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2007 "Joie de Construction",Peepingtomgallery, Korean Institute for the Arts, Paris
2007 Are All Clichés True?, Krullermuller, De Hoge Veluwe,
2007 Capricious, Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam,
2007 Hollands licht, Noorderlicht Fotofestival, Naarden
2006 Peeping Tom, Paris,
2006 Reiz und Risico, Haus fur Kunst Uri, Altdorf, Switserland,
2006 "I know you, but you don’t know me", Fette gallery, Los Angeles,
2006 Photo-festival Aleppo, Aleppo, Syria
2006 12 photographers, A l’espace Bellevaux, Laussanne, Switserland,
2006 Moments of Honesty, Staubkohler, Zurich,
2006 Speed, Staubkohler, Zurich,
2006 Gonzoo, De Fabriek, Zaandam, NL
2006 Budget 10.000 euro, W139, Amsterdam,
2006 Portaal naar de hemel, Frans Hals museum, Haarlem,
2006 Everyday Is Not Like Everyday, Foam, Amsterdam, www.
2006 Anonymous Auction, Foam, Amsterdam,
2006 Art Fair Basel, Basel,
2005 FAM.,Museum Moderne Kunsten Arnhem
2005 ‘Cadres Revisités’, Institut-Neerlandais, Paris,
2005 Soiree-Shot, Zurich,
2005 Kum Ho Museum Modern Art, Seoul, Korea
2005 Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Daejon, Korea
2005’ Vieuw of Masters’,Kennedy van de Laan, Amsterdam
2005 Art Forum Berlin, Berlin,
2005 Slideshow 2000-2004, in collaboration with Anne de Vries, Dutch Fashion Biennale, Arnhem,
2005 Vice, Vice gallery, London,
2005 Histoire(s) Parallèle(s), Confrontation, France / Pays-Bas, FOAM, Amsterdam,
2004 Art-Rotterdam, Rotterdam,
2004 Kunst-Rai, Amsterdam,
2004 A4, Public Space With A Roof, Amsterdam,
2004 Happy Chaos, Felix Meritus, Amsterdam,
2004 I love my parents, Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, Arnhem,
2004 Massproduction versus Unique, Top-Shop, Berlin,
2004 Vice, Vice gallery, NYC,
2004 9 lekkere wijven in een glazen huis, Glasshouse, Amsterdam,
2004 Histoire(s) Parallèle(s), Confrontation, France / Pays-Bas,Institute Neerlandaise, Paris
2004 Openings Exhibition, W139, Amsterdam,
2003 Identified, Vanzoetendaal collections, Amsterdam,
2003 Stel dat, Kaaphelder, Den Helder,
2003 Art-Space, Amsterdam,
2003 Encouraging Prize Fine Arts, Aemstelle, Amstelveen
2002 Sildeshow 01, Final Examshow, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
2002 F.O.A.M.Vondelpark, Amsterdam,
2002 Shell Research and Technology Centre, Amsterdam
2001 Presence, Photofestival Naarden, Naarden
2001 Summercountdown, Fanclub, Amsterdam
2000 Crossroads, Design Insitute, Amsterdam
2000 Complete, S.V.A., Gallery , NYC
2000 Drawings and Ties, 2B, Zaandam
1999 ‘t Ganse Huis Klopt Polsslag, Daar, Antwerp
1999 Women with Hair, Pavelioen, Amsterdam
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CV 2013
11-03-13 12:56
2013 Museum Moderne Kunst Arnhem, Arnhem
2013 Conversations in Music and Touch_2, nasa, Amsterdam
2013 Fun and Feminism, ffffffff, Berlin
2013 INUA, Le Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris
2014 INUA, Club Derive, Paradiso, Amsterdam
2013 ZaZaZoZo, Club Transmediale forspiele, Berlin
2012 ZaZaZoZo in Miami Seven
2012 GENITAL INTERNATIONAL, press conference, De Appel Arts Center, Amsterdam
2010 Paradiso, Amsterdam ( with Joseph Marzolla )
2010 Mediamatic, Amsterdam ( with Joseph Marzolla )
2009 Demons, Devils, Monsters and Other Intermediate Beings, Stedelijk Museum BA, Amsterdam ( with Joseph Marzolla )
2009 American Cosmos, Ppow Gallery, NYC ( with Joseph Marzolla )
2009 Activation and Liberation of Energies, Mediamatic, Amsterdam ( with Matthew Lutz-Kinoy )
2008 Removing Influence of Places and Objects, Worm, Rotterdam (with Kinga Kielczynska )
2008 Heilig Vuur, Removing Influences of Places and Objects, Stedelijk Museum ( with Kinga Kielczynska )
Famous#8 , Livraison#1, Capricious#1, Glumagazine#1, Nuke#2, Yang (, Janus,Vice, Kutt, Zoo, Bonn, SVA-magazine, Verenigd
Sandbergen, frame Forecast Magazine , Free-Eye, Eye-magazine, Volkskrant , NRC Handelsblad, Limburgsdagblad, Foam magazine, Delete, Items ,NOFriends, ping-magazine, Queensday book, Presence, Amsterdam Weekly, Neue Zurich Zeitung, Mollusk, Art&Auction,Art & Culture, Curo, Artpress,
Blend,Cederteg n#1,GLU #3,livraison 3#, Famous NYC, Gupmagazine, Dazed en Confused, Vorn magazine, That Damm The Duo Issue, Tubelight, NRC next,
Les Beaux Arts magazine, Liberation, Art Lovers NYC, WAD magazine, Connaissances des Arts, French Vogue, Artforum Online, Liberation, Ful, '100', Future
Images, Foam magazine, White Wall, Theme, Livraison#3, Future Images, Kunstbeeld, Rebelle, Frieze magazine Issue #135, 100 New Artists, by Francesca
Gavin 2011,Openlab magazine, A4 magazine and more.
2011 Diversion, Moving Image, NYC
2010 Diversion, ArtLA, Contemporary, Los Angelos
2009 Hunting and Gathering, Pulse art fair, NYC
2009 Hunting and Gathering, Ethnic Fantastic, Berlin
2009 Hunting and Gathering, Bipolar art, NYC
2008 Hunting and Gathering, GLU, Amsterdam
2008 Hunting and Gathering, Worm, Rotterdam
2008 Hunting and Gathering, Stedelijk in de stad, Amsterdam
2008 Furniture Bondage, Loops, ParkTV,
2008 Unrooted,( with Kinga Kielczynska ), Parktv PLEIN,
2007 Explosions of Colours 02 , Arnhem Mode Biennale Video Programme
2006 Mr and Mrs Mulder, Berlinale Filmfestival, Berlin
2005 Taking photographs of Things you want to Forget, Lost&Found, Amsterdam,
2001 Compilation of Short Video’s, TartTV
1999 China, A Journey with my Mother, Videodairy, Channel A1
1999 Meneer en Mevrouw Mulder, moving- photography Park4DTV,
1998 Hardcore Hardcore, Dynamo Open Air, Video Documentary. Channel A1
2011 University of Honolulu, USA
2011 (Off)hrs Honolulu, USA
2011 Beamclub Amsterdam, NL
2011 L"Ecall, Lausanne, Switserland
2011 School of visual Arts S'Hertogenbosch,NL
2010 School of Visual Arts The Hague, NL
2008 Aperture Foundation, NYC, USA
2008 Parsons school of design, NYC, USA
2007 Rietveld Akademie, Amsterdam, NL
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