Titelinformation - Ökotopia



Titelinformation - Ökotopia
Freizeiten in Zeltlagern und
Camping and Self-catering
Gerd Gerbig
Planung, Organisation und Aktivitäten
für gelungene Gruppenfahrten
108 Seiten, 19 x 25,5 cm, Titelillustration von Volker
Schönemann, zahlreiche s/w Illustr. u. Fotos,
€ 15,90/ sFr 28,50 [3-931902-82-X]
Camping and Self-catering Excursions
Planning, organization and activities for successful group excursions
Camping or self-catering excursions represent an increasingly important experience for
children and young people. On such trips they can discover nature anew and experience the
“wide open spaces”. Not the least of the resulting benefits is a more acute awareness of
nature conservation.
Organizing a trip like this is a great challenge; a great many factors must be considered. The
information, opinions, and tips in this book are designed to help in the making of preparations
and the taking of decisions, while providing numerous time-saving suggestions. The first
experience of the “great outdoors” ought to be a pleasantly memorable one, if further
interests and skills are to be stimulated and fears broken down.
A stay in self-catering accommodation can also lead to a re-assessment of well-worn and
stereotyped roles and behaviour patterns, namely when everyone is prepared to do
everything quite differently from the way they do them at home. Families have a chance to
see each other in a quite different light, enabling them to take important experiences back
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