Jaargang VII – # 8 – August 2016 To the Choir



Jaargang VII – # 8 – August 2016 To the Choir
Jaargang VII – # 8 – August 2016
To the Choir.
Last year 2265 students graduated at the art academies in the Netherlands. A decrease of 140 compared to
2014. This year the number has dropped to 2100. So what? Well if art is the life blood of a civilization ours is
rapidly declining. But is it all doom and gloom? While it is true that graduation shows formerly presented little
or no glbt- or women’s art. These last few years I could notice a gradually increasing number of students
addressing issues of gender and sexuality. But, true, hardly any had ever even heard of queer art.
With these dwindling numbers of graduates our civilization could well use a bit of support. Let’s find out if the
class of 2016 can offer a queer boost.
Pride Photo Award
* Turkish Police used teargas and rubber bullets
against glbt’s who defied a ban on the annual
Pride in Istanbul earlier this year by authorities
for “security reasons”. They gathered in small
groups demonstrating their willingness to fight
the erasure of glbt visibility in a increasingly
repressive society. Jury president Ayperi
Karabuda Ecer (who organized ADAY the largest
pho project shot in one day) warned against
complacency in light of the increasing incidence
of violations of human rights, not only the right of assembly. The ban on Istanbul Gay Pride being an
example of worldwide homophobia. The winning photograph was made by photojournalist Akin
Celiktas. His pic was also winner of the Single Images competition. More:
www.instagram.com/akin_celiktas/. * Almost 400 photographers from –the record breaking number
of-70 different nations entered some 3600 photographs. This year’s special category
Insiders/Outsiders was won by Ukranian Lana Yanovska who visualized the binary and the position in
between taken by the androgynous (cross faded images contained in one face). She made double
portraits reversing the in between position thus emphasizing the constructed polarity of the gender
divide. More: www.yanokska.com. Our Vincent Gouriou won second prize in this category. Winner of
the Stories is another French photographer Benedicte Desrus who won with Samantha Flowers a
woman of het own making. A series about a 80 year old trans and glbq activist in Mexico City. The
Open category was won by American Rowan Renee with Z. As usual this category produces the most
fascinating work. Their work “centers on the precarious space between transgression and
transcendence [and is…] drawn towards people and places whose identities are self-made.” The Z
series consists of a series of glass plate portraits exploring the gaze, the relation of model and
photographer, self presentation of cis- and transgender identity and the struggle of visualizing
gender and sexuality. More: www.robyhasty.org. Gian Cruz (Philippines) won second prize. Our Kris
Sanford won 3d prize with his series Through the Lens of Desire. His next show opens September 2nd
in Ft. Collins, more: www.krissanford.com. * The traditional exhibition in the ancient Oude Kerk in
Amsterdam opens September 10. Official vernissage and award ceremony September 16 (5pm) and
lasts till October 16. More (including all winning photographs): www.pridephotoaward.org.
Artez Zwolle
Christian, Girls and even LGBT’s in Zwolle… After the introverted art
pour art approach of many of the Enschede Aki students (see:
Graduation in GLIMP! VII # 7) the society oriented, critical attitude of
the 100 or so graduates of the Zwolle branch of the same school was
refreshing. Even the Christian students that off old have made up a
large part of the student body seem less bigoted and narrow minded
than usual; but they keep excelling in struggling with the conflicting
demands of that book of theirs. But hé, that too can lead to fine art!
One of the first works I saw was a little book by comic design student
Bernadette van Kleef. Her book Vriendinnen tells the coming of age
story of two girlfriends. A story of love and friendship and, yes –after
the hormones kick in the door to let a clumsy spoilsport in- also of
betrayal and loss. Every new generation of students produces at least some graduates addressing
the problem of the exaggerated demands parents, peers and society put to the young female body
and the images of ideal beauty that surround them. It can lead to abstract visualizations of the
contradiction of ideal and reality, the hard and the soft, the body and its physical or mental
restraints. And other ways of personally addressing this aspect of embodiment. But like graphic
design student Lois Ramselaar one can also try to visualize the problem and thus contribute to
raising awareness of the issue. Her images and the project To Be Me (tobeme.nl) is aimed at an
audience of girls. It leads to work that is comforting or even helpful to the kids. But the problems lies
with their parents and peers. And after all these years of micro- and meso interventions it may even
be time again for some political and social action. Did anybody mention feminism during the
curriculum in Zwolle?
But though I usually pay little attention to the Interior Design
departments this time was different. They had the good sense to take
hold of the most beautiful room of the Grote Kerk in Zwolle where
this year’s graduation exhibition took place. An experiment that
completely failed –the monumental furniture (benches, choir gates,
etc) could not be removed and so students had to wriggle and climb
all over the place, constructing all sort of platforms, staircases, etc
distracting from the art (oh, did I mention the floor of the church
consisting of gravestones –I must have unknowingly stepped on
painter Gerard ter Borgh-, you see what I mean by distracting, etc).
But as I was saying the students of interior design had the good sense
of choosing the consistory chamber as location to present the results
of their project “What can interior design do for refugees?”. Under the idle but watchful eyes of the
old churchmasters they filled the room with a series of modules each presenting a design for the
conversion of a derelict 18th merchant’s mansion into an accommodation for asylum seekers. They
set themselves the goal of creating a new home, not only a shelter but also a base from which to
build a new existence. Not your average sparse bed- and breakfast container but a space designed
with attention to details spelling out messages of welcome. GLBT refugees are a group whose special
needs seem to have fallen victim to domestic political and glbt strategical infighting. The result being
that these asylum seekers are in fact denied the safe refuge they are seeking. For this group Tim
Zomer designed a shelter and a place that doesn’t ignore but acknowledges them and offers a home
where diversity and equality are considered mutually complementary not constructed into opposites.
It is a design of particular interest to every queer student of architecture and design. But especially
politicians should feel compelled to take notice of it.
* Zoëtrope Sun Festival. A festival of multidisciplinary
arts including the culinary. Among the participants
Nijmegen artist, curator Bart Drost –famous for his
soups!-. In Averill Park (NY) August 5 & 6. More:
www.artslettersandnumbers.com. (see pic) * Annual
summer exhibition In the monumental Stevenskerk
in Nijmegen. Among the participants Diederik
Grootjans. Till August 21. More: www.stevenskerk.nl.
* He is also taking part in another summer show in
Nijmegen curated by artist Ingrid Oostendorp. She is
showing her own work and that of a dozen other
artists, also including Huub Beckers and art-activist &
honorary queer Doro Krol. She will give a talk at the
finnisage on September 3 baptizing a special edition
Kunst Kalender 2017. More: www.kunstmagazijn.nu. * How narrow-minded can one be!? In a glbtand queer curatorial practice of some25 years in Villa Lila –Nijmegens former glbtq-center- we hardly
ever exhibited work by artists from Arnhem, a city only 15 miles to the north. And yes, we did miss
out some very fine art. The Arnhem artist collective, annex workshop for graphic design, Plaatsmaken
–giving way…- is showing off: gems from a practice of 30 years of producing art. Not only a beautiful
show of highlights in the local Museum (till October 2 more: www.museumarnhem.nl) but also at the
shop. That more elaborate but a bit less sophisticated presentation Pearls is on display at the shop’s
gallery till October 1. And go explore the treasures –we missed out-: they have just put online more
pearls from the archives here: plaatsmaken.nl.
D-iY : Arnhem-Fashion
Famous for its department of Fashion Design displays of the student’s craft in recent years were
sometimes quite stunning. This year’s presentation (D-iY) however, though beautifully designed was
rather modest. But it did cleverly allow for a quick evaluation of the works of all students in one
overview before zooming in on more individual presentations. I did like Elephteria Lavdaki’s work
though Is there such a thing as a better world? was indeed more of a political statement and sharply
contrasted with this year’s more traditionally fashionable surroundings. A bit less of a social
comment –but not much- and blending in with the surrounding elegance, reflections on durability
and materiality was the New Street design by Liesbeth Sterkenburg. With the exceptions mentioned
it was all in all a bit to tame for my taste. It didn’t help that I found nobody addressing issues of
gender or sexual diversity. And whoever talked them into producing such a parody of a catalogue –it
looked like an offset zine from the early 70s (yes, in B&W!)-? It did contain a leporello with a
beautiful group portrait (Louise ter Poele ?) of all the students dressed in… white.
Teachers from Arnhem
One of my particular interests is the socio political use of art. So every year I take a closer look at the
results of the training of future art teachers. I am sympathetic to the idea that art can be used to
train critical thinking by and development of independent personalities in pupils. But I am also quite
aware that though these are terms in everyday school education there are –mostly unconscious but
very strict- limitations in place. And these limitations may be unconscious when it comes to gender
and diversity. They are all too clear when it comes to the taboo on sexuality. Remember the “vagina”
incident in last months GLIMP!. Though all these kids are very busy exploring sexuality this year none
of them address this particular issue in their work. Not even the few issues associated with sex that
are currently accepted in the school curriculum: the threads of internet (currently: sexting).
* But occasionly there are some glimmers of hope.
Fenne Seadt noticed that the majority of national
flags use the same three colors (red, white and
blue). And that none uses her favorite color pink!
She has made a series of works to remedy that. A
remedy not very popular these days. Though I think
the global nature of the red-white-and-blue
hegemony will escape most vocal protesters. The
wicked do not have a sense of humor, and they hate
* I thought I had my yearly dose of art originating from the crossroads with religion during my visit to
Zwolle but I didn’t expect all the referrals to bible (deconstruction of), religion (role of women in the
Christian reformed church), etc. in Arnhem. Death, religion, rituals and –of course- spirituality. And,
oh dear, the culmination of all this regressive struggling: even a glorification of His Creation (yes with
two serious capitals). No irony here. But perhaps there actually was some… In the work by Janneke
van Gelder: an intriguing combination of photographic and textiles art that according to the
catalogue addresses religion, humanity and the role of women. I apparently just did not got it at first
Esthetically pleasing work about identity and androgyny. Not even the catalogue with its tautological
“I am my identity” statement distracted from the visual quality of the portraits by Lory Stuurman
that show the role attire plays in communicating and expressing identity. And the pics presented at
the graduation show are cleverly walking the tightrope of gender so as to be acceptable for a wider
audience (including school authorities –see pic-). But go check her other work and you will find that
this public Madonna has a darker Siren or even Medusa imagination. Several students were
intrigued by tattoos. But only Sander Dolstra is really interesting as he explores how the often tiny
and innocent images in bodyart are informed by their location on the (child’s) skin and certain
(gendered) parts of the body and thus become powerful personal and social signifiers or symbols.
Why doesn’t he have a site? But the most intriguing work I saw was Soft Cut. According to Pluck their
art is about transformation and filled with enigmatic allusions to gender zwitters and
More: www.jannekevgelder.nl and the Artez-DBKV-2016 page of Lory Stuurman and Pluck Maris.
Pride Photo Nijmegen
This year’s one day Pink Wednesday flash photo competition
was won by Maerten Prins. (see pic) This year the
competition opened the Pride Photo Nijmegen season. Pink
Wednesday is part of the Nijmegen Summer Festival and the
international Vierdaagse Walkingevent. The main category
of the flash competition was dedicated to the centennial of
that sporting event. Maerten Prins must be an old hand
cause he still knows how to manipulate shutter speed to
manipulate pics. * There were far less competitors this year
but Frans Artz who was one of last year’s winners also took part this year and won both other
categories: Love and Open. One of his pictures –of last year- was included in the exhibition
dedicated to the history of the Vierdaagse in the local museum but had to be replaced at the request
of one of the persons portrayed. Nijmegen 2016.
Breda Foto
The last couple of years the photography department of St Joost
academy has always been a source for at least a few new recruits
to the field. The class of 2016 is a bit less fruitful. Only Nicole van
Meurs is exploring the compulsive pursuit of the perfect feminine
appearance, asking questions like why are these standards of
perfection applied and by whom. More:
www.nicolevanmeurs.tumblr.com. No trace of feminist reflection
in Darleen Bloemers comments about her work. But her collaged
compositions (“photographic sculptures”) balancing on the edge of reality are informed with uneasy
presentiments of an unknown future. And her montages of men or women are (almost) forever
shown covered, distorted, masked or otherwise struggling with their identity. I can imagine why she
(and not Nicole) was selected for the talent show by the Breda Foto Festival later this year (see pic).
More: her cargocollective page.
Den Bosch
The other St Joost branch is located in Den Bosch and, as few and –sorry- boring the fine arts in
Breda were, so intriguing were their many colleagues in Den Bosch. But none –not in Breda nor in
Den Bosch- showed the slightest interest in gender or in (not even the opposite) sex… For a much
needed feminist impulse we again had to look at the other departments. The Illustration department
had Sarissa Mira, aka Myra Sajtos on offer. A student addressing the topic of BDSM –I haven’t seen
that done before-. But if you visit the miraculous illustration Facebookpage of this Expreszo
illustrator you find no trace of this feat! Weird. And David Undertiwan’s project The Imaginarium of
Gender is a proposal for a film exploring the expectations of gender, the localizations of femininity
and masculinity, the pink and blue color coding. The binary borderland currently is a fiercely
patrolled no go area… What would a world look like if we think away gender? That is what the 2018
Walt Disney production The Imaginarium of Gender will explore... David defines himself as a graphics
couturier ie a hybrid of fashion and graphics design. Check his fashion line Beyond Emancipation on
his site: www.davidundetiwan.com.
Several major shows of Brasilian art this summer in Holland. * Brazil Beleza?! A show of sculptures in
Den Haag. There the neo-concretism seems to be the only original contribution to art from Brasil and
all that work looks a bit outdated…And what about the neoliberal narrative of creativity overcoming
adversity. Well here we see that when it comes to art it is not quality that emerges but mediocrity
trying to survive. But there are always exceptions: textiles art by Sonia Gomes (“works of a special
feminine quality” and compared with the work of Louise Bourgeois) and Tunga’s Les Bijoux de
Madame de Sade, a cliché but at least acknowledging the bitter past of Brasilian slavery. In Den Haag
in public till August 21 and in Scheveningen till October 2. More: www.beeldenaanzee.nl. * The
other show is Soft Power. Arte Brasil and this one is more political but as far as gender and sexuality
is concerned it is just a tiny bit less Naimoita (the “behind the bush” mentality) then at the Beleza
show. But Virgina de Medeiros film about the story of a beautiful femme boy Simone does explore
gender. In the end she transform into priest Serge. Well, all’s well that ends well. Though I think
Virginia doesn’t quite get the queering part of it. In Amersfoort till August 28. More:
KABQ Fashion
While the show by the junior fine art students in
Arnhem demonstrated the risk of presenting far too
much immature work (in short: rubbish) the KABK
Fashion department has chosen to include a
presentation of a (curated?) selection of younger
students’ project in the special magazine Now is our
Time that, while emphasizing the work of their
graduates, at the same time allows a glimpse at the
promises the next generation offers. My bets are on
Tim Scholte but I also liked the weird constructions
by Kirstie Fulton (both Fashion 2). Of the graduates
work I liked the bird of paradise costumes by Lot
Louwerens (Fashion) but I don’t think the Gerard
Jolings –euh, Liberaces- would really appreciate her
commenting on the over the top masculine
posturing. That doesn’t discourage them
demolishing the gender divide and its preconceptions
of masculinity and femininity. Even more interesting
for us is Yamuna Forzani (Textiles). The only graduate at the KABK using the word queer and I don’t
think they realize that that alone already contributes to my Qtopia. “My graduate project is about…
creating and celebrating my own queer utopia. I think gender evolution is really important and
society needs to get rid of binaries and embrace the spectrum.” Their work is a bit more articulate
and I wish them all the best in their efforts to shake up the industry (“disgusting”) but I am startled
by the statement “I feel inspired by brands who are questioning these traditional ways and are going
against the grain”. Where on earth were they hiding? Oh, their slogan is … Knit 4 Life and of course
they curated the Sex chapter of the Magazine. She just won the € 2500 and prestigious Stroom
Graduation Award! Well in Qtopia everything is possible..
More: www.show4exposed.nl and www.yamunaforzani.com.
Ware Aard –True Nature. A groupshow exemplary of the current
narrative of an authentic true self laying in waiting. Only to be
discovered and/or realized after much soul-searching and
painful explorations. Exchanging a straight identity by another
one isn’t quite the queering we intended. But that is exactly
what Juliëtte Thissen is showing in their works, leaving behind
her female identity and exploring the clichés of masculinity at
the other scale of the gender binary: from Juliette to Julius. We
noticed her installation about the Noble Art of Boxing Allow me
to change my mind at the Artez graduation in Arnhem last year.
More exploring in an installation made up of moss and plants: Is
there an everyday sublime? I can’t help identifying more with
the galerist who was left behind tending the installation while
the artist borded ship in search for her true destiny… Though I
admire the quest as a queering gesture. In Laag Keppel. More: www.espaceenny.nl and
www.studiojuliusthissen.com. (source: Kunstkrant, juli/august 2016). Due to illness of the galerists
husband the gallery is closed till July 31. Opening and dates are being rescheduled.
Artez Arnhem Forward
It doesn’t really commend their graduation show but only after
reading the catalogue Re: Forward it sunk in that something
interesting must have happened to some of the graphics design
students. From the GLIMP! perspective their conversations in
Networks, Internet Culture and The Medium formed the most
promising part of the entire Artez presentation in Arnhem. The title
of the chapter covers up the fact that the conversation is actually
about the LGBT and –yes- queer subculture on the net. More
specifically about how art is or can be influenced by its circulation
on the net. Where the LGBTQ community is taken as the example
to explore this intersection of art and its current reproduction (and
perception). The chapter focuses on the “Digital Triennal: Surround
Audience” exhibition in the New Museum and the excitement
caused by Juliana, i.e. the sculpture by Frank Benson that raised questions about transgender
representation, not only about gender and sexuality, but also about nudity and the gaze and even
the production process of the piece and the material it was made of. The fact that images of the
sculpture went viral and were immediately and massively debated expanded the impact of the show
way beyond the museum walls. And now even the unease of the visitors looking at the sculpture at
the New Museum is being debated in Arnhem… Fuck Vice, But I Love Juliana is a project by
Dieuwertje Luitse who explores new curatorial practices (and their impact on graphic design). Also
taking part in the conversation were Sander Molenaar whose project
Dystopian Network consisted of a proposed LAN party where people can
visit and experiment with “an obscure side of online networks” where a
user has to interact to secure her survival in the self regulatory, unstable
eco-system of an internet ghetto. Though I think –in this work- the
queering is left to us. And Ernst van Hoek did his research into the “the
radical impact of the participation of amateurs in online art”. Actually a bit
less grand: on how gestures like responding, sharing or even just liking can
influence artists, up to a point that the artist vanishes behind the impact of
his work and becomes invisible. The presentation actually focused on the
performativity of gender and the reconstruction of the rules governing the
process. Though originally intended to find new ways to express gender-identity it turned to the
process of transformation. He presented a vlog style theater play by nine different, transparent faces
that stand for different subcultural positions in the gender divide (see pic). Their “contemplation on
gender and heteronormativity”, while aimed at finding answers, results in formulating new
questions. What a totally interesting little group! One can only hope the Arnhem Museum will pick
up on them and explore the possibility of a Balcony exhibition…
Other interesting projects from this class of 2016: Kemal Eroglu’s project on Love between humans
and AI. And Daan Ruijter wrote a thesis about real-time and virtual friendship: Wanna Be Friends…
More: www.thevoice2016.info, www.dieuwertjeluitse.com, http://www.ernstvanhoek.com,
www.kmlrglu.tumblr.com, www.sandermolenaar.com. Catalogue Forward, GDA 2015-2016. No
ISBN. Only through: www.graphicdesignarnhem.nl (when it is up and running again).
* Re(as)sisting Narratives explores lingering legacies of colonialism
between South Africa and the Netherlands. Among the participating
artists is Athi-Patra Ruga whose work explores “border-zones between
fashion, performance and contemporary art offering an alternative
imaginary in which gender fluidity and sexuality play an important role”.
Opening August 28. In Amsterdam till October 16. * Laatste kans. What
we have overlooked. Works from the collection of the Arnhem Museum.
Part of the side program was the 1st edition of Queer Series queering
the archives, collections and exhibitions. Somos Libres!? Queer
Amsterdam in the 80s with screenings of videos by Daniel Brun and
Miguel-Angel Cardenas artists who relocated to Amsterdam -in those
days for many lgbtq’s the apogee of gaylib. But I missed that one;
curious what they will come up with for the new exhibition. Till August 21. More about these first
two entries: www.framerframed.nl. * Presented at the Van Abbe Museum is a special tool –the
queer-o-mat-designed by Olle Lundin that enables you to go on a queer voyage of discovery through
the collection wearing his informational garments… (see pic). Available at the reception desk. More:
www.vanabbemuseum.nl/queering and museums interested in a customized queer-o-mat:
www.ollehello.com. * It almost looks like a breakthrough but September 15 the Nieuwe Institute in
Rotterdam offers a seminar on Queer Architecture during the day followed by a public event about
queering the archives. Up till now Dutch art history has been virtually immune to the gay and lesbian
studies renaissance of the 80s so past glbt artists are almost unheard of and architects non-existent.
Only recently artists have resumed the gaylib and feminist traditions started in the last century and
even at art schools you can hear them hear whispering the Q word. But most of their architectural
colleagues that successfully resisted any previous questioning of straight dominance in their field
continue to persist in their humanist ideology, denying any male, middle-class, straight, white bias.
To be continued.
Straight Koonig
In Rotterdam one of the first presentations I
saw was that of Glenn da Silva, a student in
advertising (and social design!) who
developed a method of breaking the silence
surrounding sexuality in homes for the
elderly. One of the many issues addressed
during the sexual revolution of the 60s and
70s by the NVSH- one of the largest planned
parenthood orgs in Europe that rapidly
declined after introducing the pill in Holland. Some of the issues it debated were taken
up by feminism or gaylib but many –mainly straight sex issues lost its urgency. The NVSH turned out
to be completely unknown to this generation. But of the students addressing these straight sex issues
a few –among them Glenn- had turned to Rutgers Nisso with their projects but that org –though
guarding the NVSH heritage- of course has its own reformist agenda. Advertising was the same
Willem de Kooning department that had the gall of almost refusing a student her graduation because
she addressed sexism in advertising two years ago (because this feminist issue was outdated and …
damaging the industry!). More: www.glenndasilva.nl (and checkout his clever Kissing App, a cute
digital tool for the LGBT community in homophobic countries). Other straight sex topics included:
sexual violence (see Martijn Vooijs’ www.møllusc.com) ), body-awareness in adolescent girls (a
presentation including representations of a variety of vulva’s that would probably get her convicted
of obscenity in Japan or fired at many a school in the US –see previous Glimp!-. This presentation was
by Art direction student Liz de la Berg (see pic but no site!). And student Kiki de Groot surprised me
with designs of bags (!) that seem to bridge a gap of decades between the world of 60s and 70s
nudism –or naturism as she calls it- to contemporary body art. A material research project worth
closer queering. More (but see also her Second Nature series): www.kikidegroot.nl. Futurologist
photographer Lucia Verkleij asks “What would intimate relationships look like in a transhuman era in
which we could live for hundreds of years?” Her cuddle bed looked very inviting, her site tries being
gender inclusive but her sexuality is straight as a doorknob (though her sex education project does
include fluid gender). More: www.luciaverkleij.com.
Not a bad start in Rotterdam in a year when straight sex seems to be a complete non issue in the rest
of the Academia art world… To be continued: Feminist and Queer Kooning in GLIMP! # 9. So more
about the boypink project next month (see pic). Or if you can’t wait: www.boypink.net.
Pride –B/Nl
# Antwerp Pride August 11-14 with parade August 13. *
But it is the Queer Arts Festival starting August 6 with
the opening of several exhibitions that grabs my
attention. *Exhibition Homo Copulandus in a new
artshop-gallery showing works by painter Wim
Adriaenssens and sculptors Bertrand Catteuw and
special guest Greet Ketelaers. Opening 12 pm. Till
September 15. More: www.pjezunik.com. * And
according to QAF the Antwerp Fotomuseum opens a
show at 3pm with queer work by photographers
Mariona Puig and Faryda MouMouh. But both are unknown to the searchbox-operator, the opening
is not listed among the events and the calendar is unaware of it all. Zucht, perhaps there is yet
another fotomuseum in town. More: www.fotomuseum.be. * But the real QAF kick of takes place at
8pm with a performance by Mehdi-Georges Lahlou opening his show of works exploring cultural
identity (his mixed French Moroccan background) , gender and religion (catholic-islamic traditions).
Till August 14. More: www.verbeeckvandyck.be. * Exhibition of Photografie de l’intime by FrenchAlgerian Lynn S.K. and objects by Swiss artist Cornelia Stahl (zie pic). Vernissage August 8 (7pm) with
performances by actor Mostafa Benkerroum and author Bart Stouten. Till August 14 in Fabriek
Noord. * More (including the film, literary and performing arts program) www.queerarts.be. * We're
Kinky, We're Pinky.-well at least for this occasion-. A group show with works by Diane Bogaerts, Barry
Camps, Sacha Eckes, Xavier Liébecq Deleu, Christian Van Maele, Kana Miyaura, Alec Nierinck and
Stan Van Steendam. Till August 28. More: www.lifeisart.be. * More: www.antwerppride.eu.
# An addition to last month’s listing of events during Amsterdam Pride. * Kings
and Queens a series of intimate photographic double-portraits exploring the
identity of queens and kings of the drag scene and their everyday persona. Till
August 7. More: KingsQueensOfficial facebook page where you can pre order a
copy of the book he is preparing.*And tip! Part of the NSFW exhibition is The
Barbadian series by photographer Ruben van Schalm. Further participants: Diana
Blok, David Haines, Bas Kosters (also see: Expectations), Ruud van der Peijl, ea.
Till August 10. More: X Bank.
What started out as a dutiful –but quick- visit to the
Museum before checking out the Artez graduation
show turned into an eye opening experience. I did
notice transHistory the artshow part of the Sonsbeek
2016 festival and mentioned the catalogue to the Bas
Kosters exhibition in last GLIMP! but both shows
exceeded expectations. * The transHistory show
presented some of the best political art I have seen
addressing post colonial issues –and this time even
including some art from a queer feminist perspective.
Art that would be censored in much of Africa and Asia.
Not mentioned at the show was the recent banning of
a show of gay art in Jogjakarta in Indonesia the country
of origin of the Sonsbeek curatorial collective (see pic). But from a Dutch and queer perspective far
more interesting was the show I want it to be soft – The journey of Bas Kosters. He is best known –
world famous in Amsterdam and the corridors of fashion- for his pop art like outfits, a bit too much
abuse of his nose here and to little of his brains there. This colorful pet of the gay media has –well,
not quietly- turned into an important artist not unlike Walter van Beirendonck. Though he seems to
take his inspiration more from his everyday experience than from art history or anthropology as his
Antwerp colleague did or does. And perhaps I was just blinded by all the stardust surrounding him to
have noticed the butterfly he truly is. I spoke to several other visitors and all –housewives and
queens (yes I can tell!) alike- shared this feeling of discovery and pleasant surprise. In short: a great
show, must see. The soft show is on till September 4 and the trans show till September 18. More
www.museumarnhem.nl. And for desert a beautiful little show by the Plaatsmaken artists collective
(see Heritage).
* My Naked Eye. Closed during the summer season,
reopening last week of August for a last minute visit to see
this show of male photography. If you read Dutch, check out
the interview with US photographer Ron Amato at
kunstspot.nl about his work and the show in Groningen.
Next show is Connected, male love without borders showing
sculptures by Keith King (UK, see pic) and paintings by
Russian Sergey Sovkov. Opening Saturday (!) September 3 (4pm). Till October 29. More: www.mooiman.nl. And starting early this year: preordering of the 2017 edition of Dailymale block calendar.
More: www.yourdailymale.nl. * Vernieuwd Verleden –renewed past. Jewelry by Evert Nijland in
conversation with contemporary art. Among the many participating artists: Frans Franciscus, Koos
Hauser, Erwin Olaf, Maria Roosen and Albert van Westing. In Apeldoorn till August 28. More:
www.coda-apeldoorn.nl. * LAT, a new volume (the 9th!) of Ype Driessen photo-strips. Pback, 96
pages: isbn 9789462801592. € 9,95. * My name is blessing photography by Hans Withoos. In
Veendam till September 4. More: www.doemuseum-prinsbernhardhoeve.nl. * Pi-kant Nu. Or RacyLacy a show presenting art work made in lace by art-, design and fashion students of several Belgian
academies. Perhaps some Queerthreads à la Flamande? In Turnhout till August 31. More:
www.taxandriamuseum.be. This show will tour the country.* Supermodels. Staged portraiture
playing out the fantasies of model and photographer Jan Hoek. In
Schiedam till September 28. ( See pic: Holyman)More:
www.stedelijkmuseumschiedam.nl. (pic) * Glass Fever. An
enormous show of contemporary glass art. Among the 70
international artists who have in common to have worked with
Murano master Adriano Berengo I couldn’t find hardly anything of
queer interest. With the exception of a few works by Jan Fabre
and Ted Nooten. Several locations in Dordrecht till September 25.
More: www.glassfever.nl. * The Ultimate Sailor: under
construction. The cliché from a feminine and a masculine
perspective and it’s reconstruction through the work of four
leading contemporary Dutch photographers: Marie-José
Jongerius, our Koen Hauser and Jan Hoek. And most interesting
are the works of Aisha Zeijpveld who addresses Dutch naval
history and the phenomenon of girls dressing as boys and serving
on board. In Amsterdam till September 29. More: www.hetscheepvaartmuseum.nl. And part of the
Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam September 23-25. More: www.unseenamsterdam.com. * The new
generation is growing up on line. What are the consequences for lgbt kids today. Photographer
Marjolein Annegarn shows a series of portraits of contemporary out teens. Opening and
presentation of an edition of a special magazine Jong and Gay August 26 (7pm). In Rotterdam till
October 9. More: www.melkweg.nl.
*And yet more Hiëronymus Bosch 500 years. * The Zeven Hoofdzonden- the deadly sins.
Contemporary art inspired by Bosch’s Judgement Day (ca 1505). Works by Frans Franciscus, Teun
Hocks, Vinoodh Matadin, Maria Roosen, Ge-Karel van der Sterren and Tinkebell and many others.
In Helmond till August 28. More: www.gemeentemuseumhelmond.nl. * Verkehrte Welt. Das
Jahrhundert von Hiëronymous Bosch. In Hamburg till September 11. More:
www.buceriuskunstforum.de. – the world upside down. * Slave City the dark and pessimistic
installation by Joep van Lieshout in Tilburg isn’t called Sin City which seems to elude critics who
without exception equalize his work with the Garden of Delights by Bosch. Till October 2. More:
www.depont.nl. * Equally upsetting and political but in a more subtle and esthetically pleasing way is
Jan Fabre’s Tribute to Hiëronymus Bosch in Congo. He uses his own little monsters to create images
that somehow seem to blend in with the works of Breughel and Teniers in the rest of the building. In
Den Bosch till September 18. More: www.hetnoordbrabantsmuseum.nl.
* Part of the side program of the contesting/contexting Sport 2016
exhibition. PUMPED a screening of video sorts by Coral Short at Berlin
con mucho arte. August 1 (9pm). Well if it still exists. * By order of the
police posters announcing the Tom of Finland exhibition in Helsinki
were removed from public transport network after a member of the
public had launched a complaint, charging them to be pornographic.
The city’s (deputy-) mayor ordered them put back online. Straight shit
keeping us busy…The Pleasure of Play exhibition –already the 3rd most
popular show in the museum’s history-is on till August 7. More:
www.taidehalli.fi. (pic: stamps issued in Finland showing imagery by Tom Of Finland). * Queer Art and Curating.
Strategies, Stories and Structures. Two lectures by Laima Kreitvyte of the Vilnius Academy of Arts at
the Summer School for Sexualities, cultures and politics. And Boryana Ross (Syracuse Uni) presents
Post Internet Gender and Sexuality: Contemporary Performative and Guerilla Art Practices Online. In
Belgrade August 15-20. More: www.ipakcentar.org. But beware of queerspeak2 . * Mapping the
Body. An international group show about strategies of embodiment and how these are being
transformed in contemporary society where concepts of sex and gender are contested. Among te
participants Dutch artist Floris Kaayk and one of my favorites Heather Cassils. In Innsbruck till
August 28. More: www.galerieimtaxispalais.at. Catalogue launch August 23 (7pm). (pic: Returning from
Places I've Never Been, Michael Fliri, 2013.) * A large review of the oeuvre of Belgian artist Wim Delvoye
often located somewhere between seduction
and dissonance. In Luxemburg till January 8. Also
at this location till August 28: The Geography of
Time by Fiona Tan. Among the works presented
is Vox Populi taken from personal album the
hundreds of pictures explore the Gaze. More:
www.mudam.lu. * No Ordinary Love, groupshow
with works by Jesse Darling, Celia Hempton,
Paul Maheke, Sojourner Truth Parsons, Dardan
Zhegrova (pic: Your enthusiasm to tell a story
(white), 2016). In Paris till September 9. More:
www.galeriesultana.com. Together with Vika
Kirchenbauer Paul Maheke will be featured at a
–one night?- art event at the White Cubicle Toilet
gallery in London (August 4, 7pm). More at the
at the Queen Adelaide Pub eventpage. * Weiss.
Annual show of drawings, paintings and
watercolors by Robert C. Rore in Munich till
October 4. Special event is the 20th anniversary
party of the KunstBehandlung art Gallery August
20. More: www.kunstbehandlung.com.
* Bedazzle refers to camouflage techniques of WWI and it is an
international group show about confusion and deception not only by
formal art playing tricks with the senses but also by techniques
currently used to question issues of identity , privacy and control.
Among the artists taking part is Simone C. Niquille. But it remains
unclear what she is showing in this former fortress at Vijfhuizen.
Whether the more formal Chess Sickness or the social Black Ops
Sisterhood. Perhaps the new Proxybody about identity presentation and.., or rather without the
body. Till September 4. More: www.kunstfort.nl. * Also taking part in The Life Fair New body
Products. The fair where the life you want to live awaits you. in Rotterdam till January 8 2017. More:
www.hetnieuweinstituut.nl. But dzje, good luck navigating this designer’s wet dream. I could not find
Simone there either. * Ah, well there is of course her own site www.technofle.sh, excuse me… * The
logo of the Bedazzle show is deceptive too. The rest of the queering is up to you.
* Revolution in the Making – Abstract Sculptures by Women. 19472016. In London till September 4. More: www.hauserwirth.com. *
Käthe Kollwitz in Heerenveen till September 25. More:
www.museumbelvedere.nl. Just a thought about performativity: KK as
the Andy Warhol of feminist art… * And more Sterke Vrouwen. A very
traditional art historical show about the painters Jo Koster (1968-1944)
en Stien Eelsingh (1903-1964) both woman pioneering a –financially
independent live as a professional artist. But no feminism in this art
history. The remarkable fact that both worked in one of the most
conservative rural regions of the country and painted the village women
doesn’t seem to interest the curator. The fact that Jo was a single
woman all her life, that Stien was left by her husband doesn’t raise any curiosity. Was the village
really as discrete as the curatorial silence suggests? Queering.., never heard of. But no doubt an
exhibition with much TLC. In Hattem till October 30. More: www.voermanmuseum.nl. The curators
probably will have no idea that daddy Voerman is worth queering too (in 1912 -!- he signed a petition
urging the abolition of homophobic legislature). * Last chance. Feminism and Gender from the New
Hall art collection in Cambridge till August 31. More: www.art.newhall.cam.ac.uk.
Sweets Eu
* In the Studio. Almost 100 works by Cy Twombly (1928-2011) from the Brandhorst collection. In
München till August 26. More: www.museum-brandhorst.de. * Zu Besuch bei Cindy Sherman. Part of
the exhibition Cindy Sherman from the Olbricht Collection a special art show for kids. In Berlin till
August 28. More: www.me-berlin.com. * Alexander Calder & Fischli/Weiss. Über das labiele
Gleichgewicht… In Basel till September 4. Roni Horn – The Selected Gifts till January 1. More:
www.fondationbeyeler.ch. * Invisble Rooms. Dedicated to Francis Bacon. And a review of Austrian
artist Maria Lassnig. In Liverpool, both exhibitions till September 18. * In a dream you saw a way to
survive and you were full of joy. An eclectic show around the reclining body. At the university (!) of
Manchester. Tja. Ah well the students can get a glimpse of the work of SEVENTY artists. Among them:
Jenny Holzer, Carole Schneemann, Francesca Woodman and of course Andy Warhol. Curated by
Elizabeth Price (2012 Turner). Till October 2016. More: www.withworth.manchester.ac.uk. * Une
Collection Privée – Basquiat, Dubuffet, Soulages. In Lausanne till October 30. More: www.fondationhermitage.ch.
Peter Kothe
Bühnenbild: Peter Kothe. Ein ostwestdeutsches Leben. An
exhibition dedicated to the life and work of artist, designer
(stage) and illustrator Peter Kothe (who died 2015 in Berlin
after living a German postwar Schicksal in a divided country
even disagreeing how to express the homophobia both had
in common. Eine schrille Tunte –euh, colorful and screaming
queen- if ever there was one, she went to a CSD in full battle
dress to stage a provocative performance. But he also was
serious artist who eg designed sets for Rosa von Praunheim
films like Ich bin meine eigene Frau or Der Einstein der Sex,
about the life of Magnus Hirschfeld. On display in Berlin till
October 17. * Most other show in the Schwules Museum
have been extended. Millionaires can be trans, the
multimedia exhibition exploring possibilities beyond the
traditional trans* narratives until October 10. Part of the side
program: Radical Transfeminism, a lecture by Chryssy Hunter and Sam Lamble about Brtitish prison
reform (August 11, 6:30pm). * Am I a Dandy. Instructions for an extravagant life is extended till
November 20. And the biographical installation by Sara Davidmann Ken. To be destroyed about her
trans* uncle “K” is extended till October 31. * More: www.schwulesmuseum.de.
* The Institute of Isolation. The body beyond earth’s edge. New film about and by Lucy McRae
exploring zero-gravity and absolute silence “probing the frontiers of the body” and human
adaptability for a future existence (in space). The new film is launched as a prequel to upcoming
shows in the UK, US and Au. Presently in London till September 15 as part of the groupshow Beyond
the Lab: the DIY science revolution. More: www.sciencemuseum.org.uk. * Last Chance. Good Space.
A groupshow about political, esthetic and urban space. Among the participants: Martin Creed, Hito
Steyerl (I am completely invisible), Ryan Trecartin, ea. But any actual queering of space? Not
according to the search box: no results for queer. In Esslingen till August 21. More: goodspace.villamerkel.de. * Last Chance. Whistleblower & Vigilanten –Figuren des digitalen Widerstandes
(resistance)–till August 14- in combination with Hito Steyerl’s video installation Factory of the Sun
(till August 28). In Dortmund: www.hmkv.de.
Pride Eu
# Hamburg Pride has already started. Their CSD is August 6. * In front of the local Deichtorhallen
Fotomuseum Alexa Seewald has an open air show presenting a selection of the best photographs
from her Andersrum –Turnabout- portrait
project. Till August 11. In the museum Die
im Dunkeln…(sieht man nicht) –what’s kept
in the dark doesn’t exist-, an exhibition of
works by Jeffrey Silverthorne (1946),
Miron Zownir (1953) and “Invisble City”
and “Nightwalk” Ken Schles (1960). Three
photographers radically documenting and
exposing the urban underground that
everybody wanted to erase and ignore.
Curated by Ingo Taubhorn who used to do
some equally radical exposing of the German schwule Untergrund. Till August 7. More:
www.deichtorhallen.de * More: www.hamburg-pride.de. # Belfast Pride also already started July 26,
with a trans- and non binary banner making workshop for the parade on August 6. * More art
workshops August 1 for “Moms and their kids, to make things to bring along to the parade”… and
August 2 (7pm) a shop by Grainne Gibson “to make something to take home…”. And even a
workshop Bread making! At the LGBT center. * Queer Outsider by Outburst (www.outburstarts.com).
Gerard Dillon: Painter, Dreamer, Clown. Exhibition at the Ulster Museum dedicated to one of the
most acclaimed Irish artists (1916-1971). Curator Riann Coulter will queer the centenary exhibition
and discuss “on how being gay shaped and informed his life and work.” August 1 (6:30pm). More:
www.nmni.com. * Labels shows work created by LGBT youth who developed their visual art and
photographic skills to create art installations about identity in a two month workshop by professional
artists at Wheelworks youth arts org. Reception August 1 (7 pm). At Crescent Arts Center. More at
the org who provided the program: www.cara-friend.org. * The new illustrators collective US Folk is
presenting work especially made for Belfast pride ( US Folk does Pride ) and hosting a presentation of
the Tapestry NI. A portrait project by artist (also illustrator) Jamie Beard about LGBTQ+ visibility of
the local community’s diversity. Opening August 4 (7pm). At 3rd Floor. More: www.usfolk.co.uk and
Jamie Beard’s Facebook page. * More: www.belfastpride.com. # Finnish Lahti Pride week August 17. Parading the 6th. * Cismittääkö?-some wordplay mixing trans, meeting and change? A group show
(taidenäytteely) of contemporary art addressing issues of feminism, gender, sexuality, cis-privilege
and sexual minorities. Opening August 2. Till August 23. * More: www.lahtipride.fi. # Reykjavik Pride
opens August 2 and marches August 6. * After several wasted meetings with city-officials,
participants of last year’s Pride just painted a rainbow zebra-crossing themselves (see pic). That did
the trick. This year Pride board and the Mayor of Reykjavik join hands in
painting another one. But unfortunately: this intervention is only
temporary too. * Umbreyting –transformation is the title of Icelands 1st
queer art show, presenting works by Tora Victoria. Opening August 4
(opening 5pm)-August 7. At her studio. More: www.tora.is. * More:
www.hinsegindagar.is. # Stellt Euch Queer – take a queer stand. Münster’s
Pride weeks start August 6 and last till their CSD August 27 but has nothing
to offer (for queer art buffs) except for the excellent Homosexualitäten –
ies exhibition curated by the Schwules Museum. Till September 4. More:
www.lwl.org. * More about the disappointing program: www.
csdmuenster.wordpress.com. # A mini festival by the RFSL on August 1114 in Gävle (Sv) with a parade on the 13th. * Stolta och schyssta foton- proud and beautiful pics-.
With an exhibition and presentation of works by
Tomas "Gender Photographer" Gunnarsson (pic) who
produced a book on diversity for the city of Gävle.
Followed by a selfie and instagram workshop for
youngsters addressing self representation on
Instagram etc. August 11 (2pm) at the Kulturhuset. *
Får jag vara med? –Can I join? Friday 12 (10:30) a
seminar about strategies to address straight
normativity in the gaming culture (yes, Nerd Pride).
With Frida Holmberg who will also lecture on this
subject and popular culture (3pm). And at 1pm a
workshop where one can redesign pride banners –
what no more rainbows or finally restoring the erased
colors? Later that night a Rainbow Culture event with
art, dance ,gaming (!), music, poetry, etc. * More: www.gavlepride.com (Swedish and Googlish only).
# Another opportunity to meet and greet with Tomas Gunnarson is the Åland pride week (August 1721). He earned his nickname “gender photographer” with an eponymous blog dedicated to
discussion of gender stereotypes in mainstream visual culture. * Other activities here are: workshops
banner painting or… embroidering soft slogans on your shirt or skirt. A fire workshop –meditation?(children under 18 only in the company of parents). And even a queer ice hockey game (!). Even I
think these islands are a bit fairy. More: Facebook event page (in Googlish). # Kalix vor Alle, August
13-14. * Konstutställning in Galleria Kalix –Sv-. August 8-21. * More: Facebook. # Örebro (Sv) pride
August 20-28, parade 26th. Program as yet unknown but the site is showing pics of a pendant
designed by silversmide Linnéa Eriksdottir, representing hearts connected by a rainbow. More:
www.eriksdotter.se/pride and www.orebropride.se.
Brighton Pride
# Brighton & Hove. Freedom to Live Pride Festival August 5-7. * When Brighton put Campaigning
back “at its heart” some years ago it probably had no Brexit in mind. It was a reaction to the
backlashes in Russia. But in a globalised world other countries soon followed. And in many of these,
like Uganda, contemporary homophobia is a legacy of British imperialism. Thank you. Brexit is the
male, white, middle aged as well as middle class, rural answer to modernity. Including a nostalgic
yearning for Clause 28 Thatcherism. I’m sure Boris and Donald will be great buds/chums. * Brighton
Pride goes completely against the grain of isolationism with their open-minded approach of
globalised pride. Like last years the BP has commissioned several visuals to be freely used elsewhere
by less fortunate Prides. * Uniting Nations: The Exhibition is “a unique campaigning celebration of
the global Pride movement. Through a collection of photographs, videos and oral testimony Uniting
Nations will reflect upon the state of Pride today, the celebrations, events and demonstrations that
unite us all as we follow in the footsteps of those brave few marching for equality in New York in the
summer of 1970 as they commemorated the 1969 Stonewall riots.(…) Every year someone
somewhere is taking their first steps with Pride. Be it as one of four million people celebrating at the
world record beating Sao Paulo Brazil Gay Pride Parade in Brazil, as one of a few hundred defying the
hatred at Uganda Pride in Kampala or as one of a dozen brave activists defying the authorities by
attending a Pride event banned by legislators in Moscow, every step counts.” Chapeau for curators
Kate Wildblood ea. Till August 7. * Queering the exhibition Fashion Cities Africa in the local museum
through special tours and screenings of Stories of Our Lives portraying lgbt life in Kenya. More:
www.brightonmuseums.org.uk. * Program guide by Chris Jepson and more –yes about the pet show
too!-: www.brighton-pride.org.
# Love is the slogan of Prague Pride symbolized by T-shirts
carrying the slogan I Love followed by enough space to put the
name of your (past, present, future) lover or to signal
availability. The enormous festival offers some 100 events
between August 7 and 14 with a parade on August 13. *
Remarkable. Orgasmic Portraits an exhibition of ambrotypes –
an imaging technique using glass plate negatives from ca 1850by “decadent visual artist” Petr Jedinak. The technique used
somehow comments on the erasure of the female orgasm from
visual culture, but I don’t quit get how the fetish character of
the images created is queering history. Perhaps some of the
Czech queerspeak got lost in translation. Opening August 8 (5pm) in Galerie Lira. Special hourly tours
by Petr August 10 (1pm). More: www.jedinak.cz. Provided the gallery has reopened by then. It was
suddenly closed down beginning of July. * Open House at the Center for Queer Memory. As I know
absolutely nothing about Czech art history I can´t wait to find out what they can tell me about their
Quistory. August 8 (5-8pm). More: www.queerpamet.cz (Cz only and Googlish). * Sexualities and
Architecture. Spaces of Desire: is Architecture sexy? From experiments with carnality in post modern
architecture to current queering of gender stereotypes in contemporary architecture and subversive
space creation… (public space or built environment?). Guided tours by Ladislav Zikmund-Lender
(August 10 and 11 -4 pm-). More: www.gjf.cz. * AKTA Erotika. Queering an exhibition of nudes and
erotic works by some 180 (!) photographers from the collection of Czech Center for Photography.
This part of the collection is presented in special cabinets not open to youngsters. All queering is
unfortunately in Cz only. August of the 9 (5pm). More: www.ccfprague.cz. * Fashion and Fun. Enjoy
the international language of fashion and fun. August 11 (6pm). More: www.jaroevent.com. * Lost
Boys – From Russia with Love. Photography by Slava Mogutin. He was one of the first to leave Russia
because of homosexuality. At the time his action was met with severe criticism. August 12-October 2.
More: www.bukanyr.cz. * depression/oppression/passion a show of photography by
dreamer/romantic Milan Junek who was a gardener before discovering the camera. His first show.
Vernissage August 11 (7:30pm) and on display till September 29. More: www.araart.cz. * More:
* Check the Normal-magazine.com (l’art du nus) site for
their next photo competition and submission details. The
No. 8 edition is dedicated to the Female Nude and due later
this year (Automne). See Zine. * The international
photography org LensCulture is calling for entries to their
2016 Street Photography Awards. With $ 22K grants awards,
exhibition in San Francisco (Cameraworks, check the current
exhibition) , publication in their annual Best of LensCulture
yearbook, etc. Interesting opportunities. Deadline August
16. More: www.lensculture.com (includes a ticker showing
the latest entries). * Scholarship for curatorial research by
the CNAP (Centre National des Arts Plastiques). The Paris
Centre not only provides a scholarship but also a collection
of 100.000 pieces of art collected over a period of more
than two centuries. Now there is something to play with
(also at home: 82617 of them are online!-)! Individuals and
collectives can apply. But only if you speak French..!
Deadline for proposals is August 22. More: www.cnap.fr (in English too). * Cross-Border Inter-Galactic
open call for proposals for “Deep Trash from Outer Space” in London October 22. Performances,
videos, artworks are welcomed –written contributions by academica and writers are welcome too, as
there will also be a conference at Goldsmith’s uni a few days before the event-. Deadline is August 7
and you can mail proposals to [email protected] (more info at their site). * The Paris LGBT
Center is now calling for proposals from all disciplines for the 2017 edition of Festival des Cultures
LGBT that will take place January 27-Februari 17. More: Festival LGBT Paris.
Utopian Voices
And I saw that the queer duo Rosie Hastings & Hannah Quinlan
Anderson take part in a group show Utopian Voices Here and Now. Part
of the Utopia2016 commemoration. About “the utopian visions of
young UK-based artists, giving voice to the issues most affecting them
today including the body, gender, sexuality and race. Yes this is
definitely one of the must see show for our sort of queer-feminists.
Also including work by Ibrahim Kamara and Kristin Lee-Moolman
challenging heteronormative fashion… Hannah and Rosie are part of
the arcadiamissa.com group. In London till August 29. More:
My Truth
Anohny My Truth. An exhibition curated by and
showing the art of Anohni (*1970) –as Antony
Hegarty she was lead singer of the avant garde group
Anthony and the Johnsons- and the artistic positions
that influenced her. These positions are taken by
photographer Peter Hujar (1934-1987) whose
portraits gave a face to the artists of the Aidsgeneration. She also presents the melancholy paintings by California artist James Elaine (1950), never
before on display in Europe. And she presents the influence of Buto-dancer Kazuo Ohno (1906-2010)
who fused Buto traditions with the Ausdruckstanz. A remarkable show thus far largely ignored by
German critics. Perhaps her truth is a bit too disturbing and uncomfortable.In Bielefeld till October
16. More: www.kunsthalle-bielefeld.de.
* Last Chance. The Hannah Höch exhibition in Mannheim closes August
14. Caption in one of the German artmags: Mehr als nur Dada – more
than just Dada. Oh that just… More± www.kunsthalle-mannheim.de. *
Holland Dada and the international context. In Drachten (Nl) till
September 18. More: www.museumdrachten.nl. * Launched this week
Hannah Höch: a Life Portrait. Subtitled A collaged autobiography the
book is one of the few (recent) English language books about the artist
and takes an autobiographical collage from the early seventies to discuss
all aspects of her life and work. Hardcover -98 pages-: ISBN 978-3941644847. $ 65. More:
www.kunsthalle-mannheim.de (see also GLIMP VII # 6).
* GirlFrenzy to CroneFrenze an art show and reunion of
contributors to some of the trailblazing feminist zines of the 90s,
for “Grown-up girls and the odd Boy”. Together they will produce
a commemorative issue of the Frenzy –the 1st since 1999. Founder
Alice Smith will give a Fucky-Offy workshop of self defense, Rachel
House will thoroughly queer the surrounding festival area and
pinkminx Deborah Ewing provides subversive crafts. Part of the
Supernormal2016 festival. In Oxfordshire August 5-7. More:
www.supernormalfestival.vo.uk. *New feed of Gutterfags! An online quarterly –edited by Aldo Alvarez and Dale Lazarov- with reviews (!) of sequential art about
dude-on-dude lust and love. The July addition offers reviews of works by E.K. Weaver, Ed Luce, Ralf
König, etc. Cover, eh, header by Knut Graabein. Subscription is free. More: www.gutterfags.com. *
Normal Magzine is a –meanwhile 300 page!- French magazine dedicated to Nude art photography:
Les plus beaux nus, vus par les plus grands photographs. The # 7 edition is dedicated to the Male
Nude and due any day now (€ 25). Check the site (including a Gallery): www.normal-magazine.com. A
subscription (Europe) for three issues is € 120. * Also see Qrowdfunding: Zine There Done That.
* Werklinien. In the 50s Joseph Beuys’ workshop was located in what later became Museum
Kurhaus. Some of his most famous works were inspired by the genius loci: several of these works
(Büdericher Ehrenmal, Strassenbahnhaltestelle) have now returned home and are presented in
conversation with archival documentation (photographs by gay photographer Willy Maywald) and
more contemporary art inspired by Beuys. Among the artist taking part in “Wer nicht denken will
fliegt raus – Handlungsanwesungen nach Beuys” –who doesn’t want is fired –instructions by Beuys- is
Hito Steyerl. Her Is the Museum a Battlefield -1st presented at the Istanbul Biennale- is as urgent as
ever, but hardly queer and presented in connection with Beuys as futile as were most of his political
positions (with the exception perhaps of his ecological trailblazing). In Kleve till September 4. More:
www.museumkurhaus.de. * More Hito Steyerl: Factory of the Sun in Dortmund till August 28. More:
Pride Ca-US
# Last months I poked fun at the phenomenon of pink
pet shows as part many a Pride celebrations in the UK
and US. Well to make up. This notice about the
eat.sip.bid. fundraiser on behalf of the Pets Are
Wunderful Support –PAWS, of course- project, part of
the St. Louis AIDS effort. Includes silent auction of art.
August 20 at Gallery400. More:
www.phillyjohnmeyer.com. # Kelowna (Ca) August 613. * Oh dear, do I smell a compromise over a good
glass of wine? Opening Pride August 6 is an event
hosted by Fiona Neil where you transform yourself
“from painting virgin to celebrated artist in one glass of
wine!” and if you’re not into art go to the piano bar for more wine..? Ah, but at this venue the deadly
combination sounds just fine: www.wineandartkelowna.com. * More: www.okanagan.com. # Fierté
dans la Capital(e) Pride in Ottawa starts August 15 and the parade is August 21. (pic: last year’s parade) *
QueerCon. Geeks, gaymers and comicfans of all ages meet for a new one day conference August 19
(11am-11pm). Including exhibition, cos-play, zine-writing an da community art project. But what sort
of geeks are this? No site!? * More: www.ottawacapitalpride.ca. # Austin Pride starts August 20
with a fashion show fundraiser. Dozens of drags show the huge artistic effort that must have been
invested here. Ah, Susan Sontag eat your heart out! Austin Pride Parade August 27:
# And let’s not forget the queer pride expressed at Burning Man in
Black Rock. August 28-September 5. * This year’s art theme is
Renaissance, with Black Rock about the size of 14-15th century
Florence. And yes, there is even a Leonardo workshop. But this all
the queer art I could find today: www.campconception.com & at
this camp-site. * More: www.queerburners.com but look beyond
the rather despondent call for funding on their home- and go
directly to the fun-page.
Candy US
* Before Sunset. First show in a series exploring contemporary landscapes. An opportunity to see
works by David Hockney again. In New York till August 8. More: www.karmakarma.org. * Agnes
Martin (1912-2004). First retrospective in decades including her early works. In LA till September 11.
More: www.lacma.org.
* Chicago’s remarkable street festival Market Days in the proudest
neighborhood of the city North Halsted: August 13 & 14. Organized by a
rainbow business association!* A $10 suggested donation not only helps
keep their neighborhood safe, beautiful, and fun. But is also benefiting
The Legacy Project, the world’s first outdoor museum, featuring LGBTQ
icons throughout history, serving to tell their stories. (pic: Rainbow
Pylons are part of the outdoor history project) * Among the activities:
the omnipresent but unnamed side walk chalk artist. And of course lot’s
of arts and crafts in the stalls just like at most pride markets during
festivals all over the world. And amoung the businesses: the design
studio of Randy Shingledecker, the Leigh Gallery (where you can find the
Northalsted Pylons or Proud series, works by Michael Barnett or Austyn
DeLugo’s dreamy-and queer!- city scapes of Halsted, woodcuts by Hans
Ulrich Buchwald(1925-2009) and Brian Hammond and funny sculpture
by Claudia Overstreet or you can say hello to the artists at the Pink
Rhino Tattoo shop. * And the next weekend talk it all over with your buds at the opening of the new
art show at the LGBT center. Showing works by Ann Blaas (abstract paintings with figurative
elements) and Tamara Frazer. Opening August 19 (7pm). More: www.centeronhalsted.org.
* Be quick about it and catch the Fire Island Artist Residency Lecture
by painter/sculptor Tom Bianchi we all only seem to know from his
photography. Auguts 1 (7:30pm). More meet&greets, lectures, etc at
www.fireislandartistresidency.org. * Last month Daryl Vocat
celebrated the anniversary of his Toronto company Middle Path
Prints with a launch of a special edition Gay Goth Scene designed by
Joel Gibb and Paul P turning the event into a nostalgic reunion with
matching bandanas and zines… It took over a decade before a # 3 of
Gay Goth Scene saw the unfamiliar light of day. Check this page for
purchasing details but also go below that info for an interesting eyewitness contributing to quistory by Paul P. himself. More: Middle
Path Printing. * Last chance. Carnalism Collaborative is a groupshow
by seven glbtq artists addressing the Latino carnalismo… Featuring “a spectrum of sculptural, digital
and musically based artwork”. Curated by Michael Martinez. Till August 6 in San Antonio (TX). Check
the Facebook page of Freight gallery or www.michaelmartinez.org. * Last Chance. Blindspots a
groupshow curated by Dainesha Nugent-Palache focusing on “those who exist under the queer
umbrella but don’t quite fit under this category.” In Toronto till August 6. More: www.xpace.info.
* And while trying to find out a bit more about Paul P I came across Paul Petro’s gallery of
Contemporary Art and a group show the bare P is part of. Standing Ground II, Chance and Variations
shows works by Andrew Harwood, G.B. Jones, Zachary Logan, ea. and intends to honor queer
legacies. Like the first edition in 2014 is also shows works from the legacies of Robert Flack and Will
Munro. In Toronto till August 13. More: www.paulpetro.com. * Launch party of the # 101 issue of
Sinister Wisdom. The cover of Variations is by Clarity Haynes –who also wrote a piece about her
Breast project- and more art by Alex Maness, Elvis B, Leah Gilliam, ea. August 8 (7pm) in New York
and details: www.dixonplace.org. * 4th Annual Last Address Tribute Walk, a (free) commemorative
tour starts with a screening of Ira Sach’s short Last Address (2010). Visual Aids director Alex Fialho
will guide the tour and tell stories about a number of artists who were lost to AIDS. In New York
August 13 (3pm). More: www.visualaids.org. * Bodies on Display a group show featuring Anya Liao,
Lola Ogbara, Kat Reynolds, Krita Valdez and David Wolk. Examines experiences of marginalized
bodies between personal identification and public legibility, between public exposure of the
displayed body and the precarious live of the private identity. In St. Louis till September 1. More:
www.westminsterpres.org. * As a finalist for the Outwin (Boochever Portrait Competition) 2016
finalist Clairity Haynes is also taking part in the American Portraiture Today exhibition. In
Washington (DC) till January 8: www.npg.si.edu. * Also taking part in that show is Jess T. Dugan who
will also exhibit Face It in Bowling Green (OH) August 30-September 30. More: Dorothy Uber Gallery.
Opening August 27 a group show celebrating the tenth anniversary of Corey Helford Gallery that is
really specialized in neo-figurative, realistic art. Among the participating artists is UK painter Nigel
Cox. In Los Angeles till September 24. More: www.coreyhelfordgallery.com. (pic: The Anarchist. Courtesy
Nigel Cox). * The Art of Romaine Brooks. Part of the program accompanying this exhibition was a
lecture by Cassandra Langer, art historian and author of "Romaine Brooks: A Life". Her talk has been
put online. More about conserving Brook’s paintings in a lecture by Tiarna Doherty. Monday August
15 (12pm). At Renwick Gallery in Washington (DC) till October 2. More: www.americanart.si.edu. *
In the Beginning. This show presents dozens of unknown photographs from the archives, focusing on
the early years in the career of Diane Arbus (1923–1971). Before she became one of the most
influential and provocative artists of 20th century US. Just by including images of those erased as
undesirable by the male white gaze. In New York till November 27. More: www.metmuseum.org. *
DIY-US. Submit a comic for review in Gutterfags. See Zines. * Also see: Leslie.
* Last Chance. Legend in My Living Room in the
windows of the Museum showing photographs
of elderly LGBT peoples symbolizing lives of
endurance, perseverance and struggle. By Jasper
Briggs. Till August 12. * Graven Images. An
exhibition of paintings and works on paper –
special edition prints- by Sean O’Connor. Using
the word Graven, in the context of art, masculine
beauty and gay culture must place the artist in
the company of the melancholic romantic
tradition… Opening August 5 (6pm). On display
August 6&7. (pic: He who praises himself, is praised,
2016) * Daughters of Mercury is a weekend show
by curator, painter Janet Brusselbach. A series of
portraits celebrating the beauty of trans women.
Mercury is here taken as the god of transformation or the fluid elusive element. Opening August 19
(6pm) till August 20. (pic: Frida 2015-2016). * DIY-NY. Every Wednesday In New York a men's life drawing
studio (7-10pm). The purpose of this life class is to “afford artists the opportunity to study and render
the male body in an intimate setting.” * More at www.leslielohman.org.
FlameCon2 the second edition of a queer comic con that took the
comics world by surprise when over 2000 people visited the one day
event last year. This year visitors from all corners of GLBTQ fandom
can enjoy the two day FlameCon and even begin with a Firestarter
prep-party where Burlesque opens this ball of cosplay, performances
and entertainment. But for the serious nerd there are the arts, comics
and for the shy the screenings… Debates about: Gendering BB8,
Importance of Queer Smut, Secrecy surrounding the history of Yaoi &
Yuri, Subversive Powers of Fanfiction, Superhero Fashion,
Transforming the Favorites by Fandomactivism. And to gorge on and
on: a market with more than 100 exhibitors and stalls… New York
August 19-21 after which the city will take at least a year to recover. More: www.flamecon.org
(includes a listing of the exhibitors!) and www.geeksout.org.
Pulsation is a show of new drawings and paintings by Norm Yip. The title refers to the pulsating of
the heart, his city but also to the rhythm of time and place that moves all and everything. You can
find it in God, look for it in nature, the entire universe, but also in art. According to him this search
led him (back) to abstract-expressionism. Openin g August 12 (7pm) with a life drawing session by
the artist. In Hong Kong till August 31. More: www.normyip.com.
* Queer feminist Anna Maria Staiano succeeded in raising the $ 1k needed for the production of
Impure a book looking back on her work of the past decade. * Jasper Groen’s Kickstarter campaign
failed to raise the 20k needed to produce his foto-essay about trans* Eric. But the campaign
endorsed by Erwin Olaf continues: www.ericthebook.com. * Michael Doshiers campaign successfully
raised $4k and his production In the Closet will be staged at the NY Fringe Festival. * And Derrick
Woods-Morrow raised the $12k needed for his FIAR residency (till August 18) and artshows in
Chicago starting with a groupshow at the ACRE September 2-25. * God, I loved Edmund White’s book
States of Desire. And even if Travels with Queerness: In Search of America doesn’t comes close it will
probably offer an interesting read. To write her book Kim Sharp is looking for some $ 13k to finance
the travels. She promises us that we can follow her travels on www.travelswithqueerness.com. Check
her kickstarter. * Catharine Pancake needs $ 15k for her documentary film "Queer Genius" exploring
the lives of four visionary queer artists: Eileen Myles, Barbara Hammer, Jibz Cameron and Shannon
Funchess. Also on Kickstarter. * Currently in the making Zine There Done That a mini-doc by
filmmaker Fergus Cruickshank and Ana Hines (Scottish monthly ArtificialWomb zine) about zines in
the feminist art scene and as a medium of recovery or about DIY mental health. They’re looking for £
2000 and have only a week –or so- to reach their goal. Check their Indiegogo page. And if you want
to know more check the interview by Zina at the Echo site.
Helm de Laat July 31 2016
Esthetics of Politics? Select your favorite Tom of Finland commemorative plaque in Helsinki.