The immune system on fire



The immune system on fire
NVVI Symposium Lunteren, April 4-5, 2013
Congrescentrum De Werelt, Lunteren
The immune system on fire
The intracellular logistics of inflammation
An inflammatory response is mediated by an extensive extracellular
reaction that is driven by a large variety of intracellular pathways.
During the last decade it has become evident that both innate and
adaptive immune responses heavily depend on fundamental
changes in the cell biology of activated immune cells. In this
meeting the most recent concepts and latest advances regarding
inflammasome activation, autophagy, antigen processing and
presentation, Fc-receptors and tumor immunology will be discussed
by a diverse panel of excellent international and national speakers:
Richard Flavell (Yale, USA)
Ira Mellman (San Francisco, USA)
Charles Dinarello (Denver, USA)
Matthew Albert (Paris, France)
Julie Blander (New York, USA)
Marc Daëron (Paris, France)
Christian Kurts (Bonn, Germany)
Gijs van den Brink (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Gosse Adema (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
Jeanette Leusen (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Jacques Neefjes (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Fulvio Reggiori (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
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