Precise dredging operations - Geo



Precise dredging operations - Geo
Project Sheet:
Precise dredging operations
Dredging operations using hydraulic cranes
and a specially adapted VIKING software
Debris clearance tricolor
On the left side 2 examples are shown. The
bottom picture shows, inside the black
window, a theoretical profile in green and a
last sounding in red. The precision of the
vertical position depends on the kind of
equipment installed, but is usually around 5
cm. The horizontal position is a function of the
GPS equipment in use. Using RTK/LRK a
precision of a mere 3-4 centimetres can be
A standard installation consists of the
following items:
Thales Aquarius LRK/GPS
Thales 3011 GPS compass
Industrial mini PC
TFT flat screen
DC/AC converter
CTS Tidal device, if needed
Some samples of projects in Europe
"van der Kamp", Den Helder
HSL project.
Dreding/construction in Texel and Den
Helder harbour
Dredging projects in:
o Wijk bij Duurstede
o Dordrecht
o Durban, South Africa
Construction/dredging in
Dredging canals in Middelburg
Dredging in Woerden
Johan Friso haven Rotterdam
Dredging project Antwerpen
Harbour dredging in:
o Duinkerken
o Treport
o Boulogne
Theoretical profile in green and a last sounding in red
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