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File - Mette Sterre
flat 132, Balfron Tower, E140QT London UK +44 (0) 7930605687
Banierstraat 33c1 3032 PB Rotterdam NL +31(0) 614203622
[email protected]
2012-2014 “MA Performance Design & Practice" , University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins (UK)
2002-2006 “BA Autonomous visual art”, Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam (NL)
2011 “MA Performance & Creative Research”, University of Roehampton, London (UK)
Selection of performances 2016 – 2009
2016 “Cafe Bel”, Rotterdam Contemporary, Rotterdam (NL)
2015 “Watermill Benefit”, Watermill Center, New York (US)
2015 “Spotlight on Schawinsky”, Migros Museum, Zurich (SW)
2015 “Tribes”, Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, Prague (CZ)
2015 “Particles” Lethaby Gallery, London (UK)
2015 “TenderLoins #3”, Artsadmin, Toynbee Studios, London (UK)
2015 “Poly PPE”, Cultura Nova, Heerlen (NL)
2015 “KunstBlock in het Witte de With Kwartier”, Tent.Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)
2015 “Museumnight Delft, Waalse Kerk I.c.w. Museum Prinsenhof at Jan van Schoonhoven exhibition, Delft (NL)
2015 “ThisArtFair”, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (NL)
2015 “An encounter on the other side of reality”, Tent.Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)
2015 “Capsule”, Embassy Tea Gallery, London (UK)
2015 “Carnivale”, Marres House for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht (NL)
2015 “Radicals #1”, Roodkapje, Rotterdam (curator) (NL)
2014 “Red Night”, Trienale Museum, Milan (IT)
2014 “Watermill Summer Program Benefit”, Watermill Centre, New York (US)
2014 “Crystal Mette & the Fictions”, Platform Theatre, London (UK)
2014 “Salt”, Inteatro Festival, Polverigi (IT)(i.c.w. Mapped Productions)
2014 “Night Watch Festival”, Cambridge Junction, Cambridge (UK)
2014 “Best Lill' Whorehouse in Texas”, New Wolsey Theatre, Spill Festival, Ipswich (UK) (i.c.w. Getinthebackofthevan)
2014 “Alternative Miss World Competition”, Shakespeare Globe Theatre, London (UK) (for Andrey Bartanev)
2014 “Hysteria # 3 Abjection”, CUE Art Fund, New York (US)
2014 “Double Helix (a quatre mains)”, Roodkapje Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL) (i.c.w. Samantha Thole)
2014 “Hidden Barfly”, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)
2014 “Interference”, Idfix, Breda (NL)
2014 “Pre-Show/Degree-show, Artsadmin, London (UK)
2014 “Green Room”, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham (UK) (for Marvin Gaye Chetwynd)
2014 “ActsReact Festival ”, Wimbledon Art Space, London (UK) (+ exhibition)
2013 “Scope Art Basel”, Galerie Jaap Sleper, Basel (SW) (+exhibition)
2013 “Valentine's Ball Torture Garden ”, Coronet Theatre, London (UK)
2013 “Unstable”, Rabbit Hole/Empros Teatre, Athens (GR)
2013 “Unstable” Platform theatre, London (UK) (i.c.w. Mapped Productions)
2013 “(Un)performing”, Departure Foundation, London (UK) (i.c.w. Samantha Thole)
2013 “Homeland Security”, Black Maria, London (UK) (i.c.w. Iddo Gruengard)
2013 “Hardcamp”, Resistance Gallery, London (UK)
2013 “Forum for Live Art Festival FLAM 4 ”, Arti et Amicitea, Amsterdam (NL)
2012 “Tweeduizendentwaalf ”, TENT, Rotterdam (NL)
2012 “Savage Amusement ”, Kule Theatre, Berlin (DU)
2011 “Onthullen, verhullen ”, Theater de Veste, Delft (NL)
2011 “Undercover”, Artbank, Vancouver (CA)
2011 “Palace Party ”, Kunsthalle Charlottenbourg, Copenhagen (DA)
2011 “Dolf Henkes Ceremonial Price Award Ceremony ”, TENT, Rotterdam (NL)
2010 "Portret Pavilion: facebook avant la lettre", Kasteel Duivenvoorde, Voorschoten (NL)
2010 “Direct Action”, IAMTK, Berlin (DU)
2010 “Sommerfest #4”, Konnektor, Hannover (DU)
2009 “Transmediale”, Planet Art, C-base, Berlin (DE) ( i.c.w. De Poppekastkrakers )
2009 “Non-stop music planet ”, Futur en Seine, Parijs (FR) (i.c.w. Marvin Gaye Chetwynd)
2009 “Hideaway”, Heden, Den Haag (NL) (i.c.w. Rosalie de Monod de Froidville)
Selection of exhibitions 2014-2009
2015 “On the Other side of Reality”, duo- exhibition with Marga Weimans, TENT Rotterdam , Rotterdam (NL)
2015 “Art15”, Artfair, Olympic stadion, London (UK)
2015 “Super Nova”, Schunck, Heerlen (NL)
2015 “Art The Hague”, Fokker Terminal, The Hague (NL)
2015 “Life=Play”, Kers Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
2015 “Kunstrai”, Rai amsterdam, Amsterdam (NL)
2014 “ObjectSubject”, Route du Nord, Rotterdam (NL)
2014 “In search of the Miraculous“, Floating Island Gallery, London (UK)
“Not doing anything until I feel the need the do it”, de Nederlandse Bank, (NL)
“To the Zoo”, Kers Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
“Air9 ”, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (NL)
“Museumnacht Amsterdam ”, de Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam (NL)
“My head is like an animal ”, Southsquarecentre, Bradford (UK) (+ performance i.c.w. Alexandra Baybutt)
“Wild Thing”, Tetem, Enschede (NL) (curated by Bart Hess + performance)
“Kunstrai ”, Galerie Jaap Sleper, Amsterdam (NL)
“Back to the hunting ground”, Galerie Jaap Sleper, Utrecht (NL) (duo-exhibition with Inge Aanstoot)
“RE:Rotterdam”, Art-fair organized by Galerie 10, Rotterdam (NL) (+ performance)
“The far future is nature", Tetem, Enschede (NL) (curated by Phil Bloom + performance)
“While in the meantime”, Tent, Edinbrugh (UK) (video-screening)
“RE:Amsterdam ”, Galerie 10, Amsterdam (NL)
“Panorama Rotterdam”, Museum Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)
“Live Art/Love Art”, Trouwgebouw, Amsterdam (NL
“Square eyes 3”, Caz Project Space, Cornwall (UK)
“Woodmill sags”, Woodmill, London (UK) (+ performance)
“Pop up Show ”, Kers gallery, Amsterdam (NL) (+performance)
"Museumnacht", Goethe Institituut, Rotterdam (NL)(+performance)
“Portret Pavilioen: Facebook avant La Lettre”, Kasteel Duivenvoorden, Voorschoten (NL)
2015 “Catlin Guide” selection of UK Best MA and BA graduates from 2015 published in book (UK)
2015 “Onderzoek en Ontwikkeling Subsidie”, Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam
2014 “Post Graduate Community Art Fund, Post Graduate Fund University of The Arts London, “Happy Hour” project funding
2013 “Fundatie van de Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude”, study scholarship
2013 “Bekker-La Bastide Fonds”, study scholarship
2012 “Fundatie van de Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude”, study scholarship
2012 “Hendrik Muller Vaderlandsch Fonds”, study scholarship
Other Activities
2015 Curator of “Radicals Performance Night”, Roodkapje Rotterdam (NL)
2015 Jury Member for the Maaskant Award for the Willem de Kooning Academy (NL)
2015 Creation and execution of Talent Development Project “The end of Normal”, Tent.Rotterdam (NL)
2015 Supporting costume design for Getinthebackofthevan “Best Little Whore House in Texas”, Spill Festival, Ipswich (UK)
2015 Supporting Costume Design for Dimitrios Pappaianiou at the Watermill Center Open Day “Life”, New York (US)
2015 Supporting Costume Design for Christopher Knowles “The Sundance Kid is Beautiful”, the Wooster Group Performance
Garage, New York (US)
2014 Curator of “Hysteria”, Garden's Gallery, London (UK)
2011 “Kleinpolder in beweging”, Woonstad Rotterdam, visualising the urban development in the area of “Kleinpolder',
portarying inhabitants as ghosts, exhibited in BillBoard format, and building temporary structures with moving boxes
(in collaboration with Doris Denekamp, Geert van Mil and Alex Strik), Rotterdam (NL)
2010 “Kunstproject Kleinpolder”, Woonstad Rotterdam; development and production of television serie “D.o.k.t.e.r Mette
Spacekadette's Timecapsule” where history and future of the inhabitants of Kleinpolder was shown, Rotterdam (NL)
2009 “Spoorzone Delft”, Wesd, hotel guests could sleep in the semi- permanent installation in 4 star hotel Coen. The
installation was a reaction to the development of a traintunnel, Delft (NL)
2015 “De top 5 leukste kunst van afgelopen halve maand”, by Jan Hoek, 25-4-2015, online Vice (NL)
2015 “The Watermill Center By Robert Wilson | NEGLI HAMPTONS l'acceleratore di creatività del grande "visionario"
by Charlie Engman; text by Fabio Cherstich, 10-10-2015 by Vogue Italia (IT)
2015 “The Art World's Summer Bacchanalia: A Photo History of Robert Wilson's Watermill Gala”, by Ryan Steadman,
24-7-15 the Observer, online
2015 “How the Watermill refreshed its 22-year-old benefit”, by Jim Shi 6-8-2015, BizBash Magazine, online (US)
2015 “Interview Mette Sterre”, by Harry Prenger, 5-9-2015, Zwart Goud, online (NL)
2015 “Ode aan Beeldend Theater en Mette Sterre”, by Harry Prenger, Zwart Goud, online (NL)
2015 “ Watermill Summer Benefit”, by C. Huang Art 30-7-2015 Art Observed, online
2015 “A forest of performance artists”, by Marshall Heyman, 27-7-2015 by Wallstreet Journal, print (US)
2015 “From a giant white bear to a dead fish: a look around the Watermill Benefit” by Katherine McMahon, 27-7-2015
ArtNews, online (US)
2015 “Review Art15” by Zehra Jumabhoy, 31-5-2015, online ArtForum
2015 “In conversation with Mette Sterre”, by Daniele Agtani, online Artefact magazine (UK)
2015 “Introducing 40 of the UK's most promising artists”, by Alex Taylor, 29-1-2015 Dazed and Confused
2015 “The Catlin Guide to new artists in the UK-see the contemporarist of today's contemporary art”by Flaneur, 29-1-2015
2015 “Catlin Guide 2015”, Book, by Justin Hammond, 25-1-2015
2014 “Illy Red Night”, 3-9-2014, Online Vogue Italie (IT)
2014 “Hamptons Weekend Plan; Watermill Center's Free Day” by Rebecca Kleinman, 8-9-2014, online HollywoodReporter (US)
2014 “Visual Diary: Watermill Center’s Summer Benefit” by Pat Rogers, 31-7-2014 online HamptonsArtHub (US)
“12 Fairy Tale-Inspired Ideas From the Watermill Benefit” by Jim Shi 31-7-2014 online BizBash (US)
“At Watermill Center a night of bewitching tales”, by Gabrielle Selz, 1-8-2014 online Hamptons ArtHub (US)
“Transformer: Aspects of Travesty @ Richard Saltoun”, by Guilia Casalini 7-2-2014 online Happy Famous Artists (UK)
“Clouds, Bubbles and Tinsel at the Watermill Center”, 27-6-2014 by Marshall Heyman, Wall Street Journal (US)
“Uitreiking Dolf Henkes Prijs 2014 @ TENT”, 19-12-2014
“Robert Wilson conjures a performance art spectacle in Milan to launch Illy's new artist-designed ceramics”, by JJ Martin,
3-9-2104, online Wallpaper (US)
“Hysteria”, page 12 edition #1” january 2014, publication London (UK)
“Ultrafeminism”, Roodkapje, Rotterdam (NL)
“Welkom Enschede”, interview in magazine, Enschede (NL)
“Only when I feel the need to do it 2015”, calender 2015 (NL)
“Rubberbandman”, by Ian Brooks, 2012, online Review “Hummelman” (US)
“Long Tongue Sally” by Honey, 15-5-2013 online blog Sweet Station (US)
“My head is an animal-exhibition review” by Tim Barnes, 24-12-2013 online WOW (UK)
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