News Release - World Solar Challenge



News Release - World Solar Challenge
News Release
Monday 19 October, 2015
1.30 pm Darwin Time
At 1.30 pm Darwin time, just minutes separated the leaders in the Schneider Electric Challenger
Class of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Favourable northerlies of around 24 kph were
assisting top teams maintain speeds of around 90 kph and conserve energy.
Team Twente from the Netherlands in ‘Red One’ were leading their compatriots and 2013
Champions, Nuon Solar in ‘Nuna 8’, with University of Michigan in ‘Aurum’ closing the gap. Belgium’s
Punch Powertrain slipped into 4th position when team Tokai from Japan incurred a 10 minute
penalty in Tennant Creek. Leading teams were approaching Barrow Creek, 1210 kilometres south of
Darwin, having already travelled more than a third of the 3,000 kilometre event.
Australia’s Clenergy Team Arrow are the best placed of the Aussies, currently in 8th place around
Tennant Creek and just over 200 kilometres behind the front-runners. Western Sydney University
were south of Elliot and first time entrants Adelaide University Solar Racing team were approaching
the Dunmarra control stop, 633 south of Darwin.
In the battle of the Cruisers, the solar cars of the future, designed to more closely replicate
mainstream passenger cars, teams are demonstrating that being practical doesn’t mean you can’t be
fast too. Japan’s team Kogakuin in their catamaran shaped, high performance cruiser was leading
the field just north of Tennant Creek, followed by the Netherlands Team Eindhoven in their deluxe
four seater family car, ‘Stella Lux’. HS Bochum from Germany, in their impressively sleek sports
coupe ‘SunRiser’ were in 3rd position around Elliot ahead of University of Minnesota in ‘Eos’ in 4th
position and University of NSW Sunswift in their sports coupe eVe currently in 5th place.
Australia’s TAFE SA in the 360 Adventure Class was approaching Elliot.
A full update will be available after Day 2 of the Challenge concludes at 5pm Darwin time.
Follow team progress on the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge live team tracker as they make their
way towards Adelaide on
For further event media information please contact: Judi Lalor + 61 (0) 409188 129
E: [email protected]

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