Frans F. J. Schouten



Frans F. J. Schouten
Curriculum Vitae
Frans F. J. Schouten
Born at Velsen, December 18th 1944
Address: Hoofdstraat 60
7872 PL Valthe, The Netherlands
Tel **31 (0)591 51 42 40
E-mail: [email protected]
1972 MA in Pedagogics, 1976 MSc in Adult Education
Professional experience
1968-1972 Adult education
1972-1976 Director The Hague Youth Action
1976-1989 Lecturer and director of the Reinwardt Academy, Museum Training Institute
1990-1991 Director of Studies at the Centro Europeo del Patrimonio Cultural, Barcelona
1993-2005 Associated Professor in visitor management and cultural tourism at the Netherlands Institute of Tourism
and transport Studies at Breda
Since 1990 Free lance consultant in heritage and tourism based on heritage attractions, related activities:
• Consultant for exhibition development at the National Natural History Museum (Musealis) in Leiden, The
Netherlands, 1990-1996. Development of the concept of the exhibitions in the new museum, development
of the story lines of exhibitions. Related publications: The Management of Communication: a systematic
approach of exhibition design, in: Museum Management and Curatorship, vol. 14, no. 3, 1996.
• Consultant for the development of museums and heritage sites in the UNESCO/UNDP project for cultural
tourism on Java, Indonesia, 1991-1992. Development of an integrated strategic plan for cultural tourism,
including access, interpretation, merchandising, crafts development and prioritizing of the sites for
development. Related publications: Cultural Tourism Development Central Java-Yogyakarta, final report
of the UNESCO, UNDP and Directorate General of Tourism Project, Yogyakarta, 1992. Cultural Tourism
and Sustainable Cultural Development, in: Universal Toursim: enriching or degrading culture, Dr. W.
Nuryanti and Dr. G. Wall (ed), Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 1993.
• Consultant for the development of museums and heritage sites on Fiji and the Solomon Islands for the
Tourism Council of the South Pacific, 1992. Development of marketing, management, and operational
guidelines for heritage based tourism attractions.Related publications: Management and operation plan
for the cultural center at the National Museum, Honiara, Solomon Islands, TCSP, Suva, Fiji, 1992, and
Management and operation plan for the Tavuni Hill Fort tourist attraction, TCSP, Suva., 1992.
• 1996 UNESCO consultant in Uzbekistan for a workshop with the Ministers of culture of the Central Asian
• 1996 UNESCO consultant in Kazakstan for the assessment of the tourism potential of the shrine of Yassef
Ahmadi in the city of Turkministan..
• 1999 Consultant for UNESCO and the Soros Foundation for a workshop cultural tourism for representatives of
the Central Asian Republics.
Since 2006 PUM-Senior expert in tourism development, related activities:
• Honduras 2006, Tourism product diversification and development on the island of Roatan and the surroundings
of the city of La Ceiba
• P.R. of China 2007, Tourism development at the Geopark at Taining, Fujian Province
• Panama 2008, Tourism development for the ‘Asociacion de Agroturismo Y Afines Volcan Baru’.
• Mongolia 2008, May and October, Tourism and hospitality training for the Chamber of Commerce and
Industy at Ulaanbataar.
Other relevant experiences
Job Description
Training for the Museums of Egypt
Seminar development educational
material for museums
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